Accuage is an age verification sevice by Assurance Compliance Network LLC. Compliance is our middle name.

AboutWhat is Accuage

Full Compliance with High Conversions

We get it! New laws require that you verify the age of your customers, but you don't want to sacrifice conversions. That's where we come in. Our highly optimized checkout workflows will verify your customer's age with minimum friction. We use billing and birthdate information to validate age in a sanctioned database and follow up with proprietary ID scan verification if necessary.

Why Accuage

Real Time Verification

Know who your customers are the moment they click "Checkout."

Compliance Guaranteed

Our team of compliance lawyers maintains a list of vaping age requirements for every zip code in the country.

Maximize Conversions

We have streamlined the checkout experience so customers can complete their orders and move on with their day.

Wide Coverage

Our world-class user database and id scanning technology ensures that we verify compliant customers.

FeaturesWhat we deliver

Configurable Checkout

"Stealth Mode" checkout allows users to checkout without any interruption. We will verify their age in the background and generate a comprehensive report for you to take actions on the order.

Id Scanning Technology

We are able to verify customer's identity from driver license in a matter of seconds.

Smart Matching Technology

Our algorithm links customer data from multiple sources and generates a comprehensive and accurate report for every customer.

Action Oriented Dashboard

Our merchant dashboard provides you with detailed information about every order and every customer. In "Stealth Mode", you can approve or stop order with a simple click.

E-Commerce Integrations

We offer integrations with WooCommerce and Shopify and are adding more every day.

API Access

Our developer API allows you to integrate age verification into your checkout flow seamlessly.

FAQHave question about us?

  • How do I know that my orders are compliant?

    Our team of lawyers keep a list of minimum age requirements to purchase vapor products for every zip code in the country. Whether your customer’s location requires them to be 18, 19, or 21, rest assured, we have you covered!

  • What is Stealth Mode?

    Stealth mode is a feature that maximizes conversions. When your store is in stealth mode, customers will be able to checkout without any interruptions or indications that their age is being verified. A comprehensive report will be generated of all customer transactions for you to review before shipment.

    The report will provide their age (if we were able to identify them), shipping address, contact information, and whether it is compliant to ship the order to the address provided in the shopping cart based on the verifiable customer information.

  • When should I use Stealth Mode for my store?

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  • How is customer identity verified?

    Accuage works with world-class identify providers to verify your customer's age and ensure that their information is accurate and represents a real person. If we are unable to verify your customer's information in the database and you are not using stealth mode, we will prompt for their driver license. They can either upload an image file or receive a text and continue the verification process on their phone.

  • How is user data handled?

    We take security very seriously and only store basic information from identified customers to increase match rates and compliance. We do not store drivers license images.

PricingOur featured plans

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